Water Damage

Water damage to your property poses a real and immediate threat to your home or business. Our emergency number is working 24/7 everyday of the year, and you will always speak with a representative, never a recording. Once we receive an emergency call at AFTERDISASTER we respond within an hour in order to remediate the problem and keep the damage as minimal as possible.  Our goal is to remove as much water as possible quickly, minimize the damage, prevent mold and dry structure and contents in order to prepare for restoration.

Experiencing damage to your home or property can be extremely traumatic and we make every effort to create open lines of communication and cooperate with insurance companies. Here at AFTERDISASTER we are committed to providing fast, efficient and superior work when you encounter any kind of water damage in your home. Whether the affected area is large or small, AFTERDISASTER can help to restore the affected area and get you back to normal life as soon as possible.

Sewage Damage

When remediating sewage damage the most important thing is to ACT QUICKLY! Sewage may contain over 120 viruses, parasites, bacteria and other harmful organisms and containing the damage caused from sewage requires extensive knowledge and expertise. It is a first priority here at AFTERDISASTER to immediately provide and mobilize the equipment and resources necessary to protect the health and safety of occupants and workers.  As well as to contain the affected areas and secure structure, remove all sewage and excess water, minimize existing damage, remove and discard unsalvageable materials and protect salvageable contents. We also clean, deodorize and decontaminate salvageable structure and contents, dry affected areas and perform the necessary structural repairs to get your property back in working order.

If untrained personnel attempt to recover, clean or salvage sewage contaminated materials, they are potentially exposing themselves and occupants to harmful toxins. Our team at AFTERDISASTER is fully trained and equipped to handle sewage damage and when dealing with this kind of event you want a trustworthy crew handling and properly remediating this situation.

Mold Damage

The problem with mold is that it can be present in your house, office building, or other facility without your knowledge. Whether it is a weird smell or the signs of water damage that cause concern, the team at AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina is ready to help you get a better understanding of the extent of mold damage you face. One the proper testing has been completed, our team will use state of the art equipment to ensure the problem is contained, and the damaged areas are restored.

Note that if your mold problem is seasonal, it could be related to the air pressure within your home, office, or facility. If it is too airtight, signs of mold will be more prominent during the warmer months because the humidity gets trapped inside causing more moisture. However, if it is too drafty, mold will be more noticeable  during the cold months since warm air escapes from the living areas and condenses.

Fire/Smoke Damage

A fire can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life, and you are never fully equipped when a fire affects your business or home. It is our goal at AFTERDISASTER to help guide you through the process of restoring your home and belongings with as little hassle to you as possible. It is our goal to get to you as quickly as possible with equipment and resources necessary to minimize the existing damage, stabilize and secure the structure, perform emergency water damage mitigation services if needed, pack out salvageable contents if necessary, clean, deodorize and restore salvageable structure and content and perform necessary structural repairs.

Residue removal is considered part of the emergency services for a fire damage because soot, by nature, is extremely acidic and the longer it remains in place, the more difficult it is to remove.  Unless the odor is contained it will continue to permeate throughout your property, causing more damage.  It is extremely important to contain the damage created by the combination of the resulting smoke and soot, and it requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Here at AFTERDISASTER, we have the experience, equipment and manpower to help you through one of the toughest losses you can encounter. 

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