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How To Clean Up Water Damage on Soft Surfaces

water damage

Water damage can seem tragic at first. Whether it’s due to flooding, a leak, or a broken pipe, it can be extensive. One of the hardest things to clean and dry are soft surfaces. They easily absorb the water and are difficult to get fully dry. Luckily, After Disaster Metrolina is here to help with any of your water damage needs. We are open 24/7 to provide emergency services when needed. If you experience water damage, After Disaster Metrolina can be at your door in an hour or less. Here are a few things After Disaster Metrolina does to clean up damage.

Drying the Water Damage

The first step is to try and dry the soft surfaces. After Disaster Metrolina has industrial-grade fans that help dry out surfaces. It is vital to get these surfaces dry as quickly as possible. If the damage is due to a flood, the water can be very dirty, which can leave toxins and bacteria on your soft surfaces. If the water is left on those surfaces too long, it can start to mold. Mold is extremely harmful and can cause many different health issues for people who are exposed.

Stain Removal

Once the soft surfaces are dry, the cleanup is not over. Frequently, water leaves behind stains on the soft surfaces. After Disaster Metrolina will work to get as many stains as possible removed from soft surfaces such as couches and carpets. After we are done cleaning, your soft surfaces will look as good as new!


In some cases, soft surfaces are damaged beyond repair. In this case, the homeowner must replace those items. After Disaster Metrolina will help you replace them. While it may be upsetting to have to replace items such as chairs, couches, and carpets, it is a much better choice than keeping a soft surface that may be hazardous to your health due to the water damage.

If your home or business has experienced water damage, rest assured that After Disaster Metrolina is very experienced in this area. We are experts at cleaning soft surfaces. In addition, we work hard to dry soft surfaces and remove stains without having to replace the item altogether. We work to keep costs low and always remain accountable to our customers about what we are doing. Contact After Disaster Metrolina today for more information about our services and how we can help you clean up from water damage.

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