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5 Ways To Avoid A Sewer Backup In Your Home

sewage backup

Sewer backups are a miserable experience for homeowners. Not only are they extremely messy and gross, but they are also dangerous. Sewage contains harmful bacteria that can make you very sick. If you get a sewer backup, immediately call an emergency service provider such as AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina. Before it gets to the point of a backup, here are 5 ways to avoid sewer backup in your home.

Be Mindful About What You Put Down the Kitchen Drain

Certain things should never be put down the kitchen drain because they can lead to backups in the sewer line. This includes items such as grease, coffee grounds, or eggshells. If you are using these items in your kitchen, it is critical to throw them away in the trash and not put them down the drain.

Be Careful What You Flush!

In addition, be careful what you flush down the toilet.  Things like tampons and sanitary wipes should not be flushed as they can clog the sewer line. Make sure these items are getting thrown away in the trash and not flushed.

Assess Roots in Your Yard

Roots are a big cause of sewer line issues. Tree roots can grow into the sewage line, causing damage and potential backups. Have a professional assess the roots in your yard, and have them removed if necessary. Also, if you are putting new plants or trees in the yard, make sure they are nowhere near the sewer line.

Call in a Professional to Look at Your Sewer Line

Today, homes typically have plastic sewer lines. In older homes, the sewer line might be clay or iron. These materials can break down over time, leading to a sewer backup. If you live in an older home, call in a professional to assess the quality of your sewer line and hopefully prevent any future backups.

Avoid Drano

Drano is an easy solution to a clogged drain. Did you know it can actually hurt your sewer line? Over time it can cause a break down of the sewer line and lead to a backup.

It is safe to say that homeowners want to avoid sewer backup at all costs.  Fortunately, there are tasks to do that can help prevent a backup. Be careful about what goes down the drain and in the toilet, have your sewer line and roots inspected, and avoid using chemical drain cleaners like Drano. If you do happen to get a backup, call After Disaster Metrolina right away to assess and mitigate the issue.

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