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The Common Causes Of Clogged Pipes and How You Can Prevent Them

Clogged pipes can turn into a big problem for homeowners. In fact, they can cause sewage backup, which is a huge mess. There are many common causes for clogged pipes, but luckily, most can be prevented with careful monitoring. Here are four common causes of clogged pipes and how they can be prevented.

Waste in the Sink Drain

There are certain things that should never be put down a sink drain. Over time, these items will cause the pipes to clog. Oil and grease should never be poured down the kitchen sink. They can solidify and cause the drain to clog. Another item that should never be put down the kitchen sink is coffee grounds. Prevent clogging of the kitchen sink by disposing of these items in another way.


Hair can easily clog the shower drain. Over time, hair gradually gathers in the drain until it becomes clogged. Fortunately, this can easily be prevented. Make sure you frequently clean out the shower drain with a product such as Drano. This will break up any hair that is caught in the drain and will prevent a clog.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause a sewage backup. Roots can wrap around underground pipes and actually break into the pipes. This can cause a blockage that will send sewage back into the house. This issue is a little harder to prevent but can be done. Observe any issues with drains in the house, and understand the roots in your yard. Call a professional at the first sign of trouble.

Broken Sewer Lines

This issue is common with older homes. The sewage lines in older homes are typically iron or sometimes clay. These materials are weaker than new sewage pipes, which are steel. Thus, the sewage lines in older homes are more likely to collapse. This causes the sewage to back up into the house.

Don’t take clogged pipes lightly. If the result is a sewage backup, there are many risks to homeowners, including health threats, electric and fire hazards, and water damage. These are things that need the help of a professional. If you have clogged pipes and need sewage backup cleanup After Disaster Metrolina is here to help. They will extract the sewage, disinfect the area, and complete an air quality check to ensure there are no viruses and bacteria in the air. Contact After Disaster Metrolina for more information about preventing clogged pipes.

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