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Why Your Whole House Should Be Evaluated For Fire Damage

Fire damage can happen for a variety of reasons. House fires can often start because of faulty electrical wiring, a kitchen fire, an overheated dryer, or a fireplace. Whatever the source, fires cause a lot of damage. Even if the fire was small, the whole house should be evaluated by a professional for fire damage. Here are four things that can happen in the home after a fire.


Smoke is a tough thing to clean. It gets embedded into the home and sticks around long after the fire is over. Smoke can get into the crevices of your house and actually get stuck in the paint. Your house may smell like smoke long after the fire has been put out. It is important to bring in a professional cleaning service like After Disaster Metrolina to help rid the house of smoke damage. It is critical to have smoke removed by a professional because it can lead to serious health problems.

Burns and Scorching

After a fire, different areas of the house may be burned or scorched. During a fire damage evaluation, a professional will help you figure out what can be fixed and what needs to be thrown away.


Soot is a big problem after fires. It can lead to stains throughout the house. Luckily, a professional service like After Disaster Metrolina can remove most of the stains caused by soot. The cleaning occurs in two steps. First, we vacuum up the soot. Second, we deep-clean anything stained with soot.


Many fires are put out with water. Even though the water stops the fire, it can cause damage to the house. Water can cause stains or mix with the soot and create even more extensive stains. The water can also lead to mold. After Disaster Metrolina is great at handling water damage post-fire.

Help With Fire Damage Cleanup

Fires are terrifying when they happen and can lead to a lot of damage after the fact.  Issues such as smoke damage, burns and scorching, soot, and water damage can be prevalent throughout the home. It can be hard to know where to begin when cleaning up from a fire. The first step is to involve a professional like After Disaster Metrolina and have your house assessed for fire damage. After Disaster Metrolina will help every step of the way as they make your home livable again. Contact us today for more information about fire damage evaluation and remediation.

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