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The Process Of Repairing Your Home Following Storm Damage

After a storm rolls through, the leftover damage to homes can be severe. In North Carolina, severe weather is common throughout the spring and summer. Big storms like hurricanes can cause all sorts of damage to houses through wind, water, and hail. After your house experiences storm damage, call in a professional such as After Disaster Metrolina to begin the repair/cleanup process. Here are four property damage scenarios that are common after large storms.

Outdoor Property Damage

Outdoor property damage is typical after a large storm. Strong gusts of wind can knock over fences, loosen shutters, or cause trees to fall on the house. Hail can cause damage to the roof or siding. After a storm, walk around your property to assess for damage. This is helpful to any professionals you work with, so you can explain what needs to be repaired.

Broken Windows

Broken windows are another type of damage caused by brutal storms. Windows can break for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes hail can be so large and strong that it shatters windows. Other times a tree branch may fall into the window and break it. Whatever the reason, broken windows need to be covered immediately until they can be replaced. Broken windows that are not covered can be a prime target for break-ins or vandalism.

Water Damage

Storms bring a lot of rain, and rain can bring water damage to homes. In a large storm, often the basement will flood. This can cause damage to the walls, carpet, furniture, and more. Also, be aware that water damage can lead to mold issues, which can cause many different health problems. If your home has experienced water damage from a storm, it is important to call a professional in ASAP to assess the damage and begin repairs and cleanup.

Storm Debris

Even if your house avoids damage, you may have some storm debris in the yard.  During brutal storms, gusts of wind can blow all sorts of debris around. Some of this ends up in yards, knocking down trees, or hitting houses. Fortunately, After Disaster Metrolina has a lot of experience with storm debris cleanup.

Contact Us For Help With Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damage can be very scary. Homeowners are often unsure of how to begin the cleanup.  They may have damage to their outdoor property, broken windows, flooding, and debris.  Remember, you do not have to deal with this alone! Contact After Disaster Metrolina to find out more about assistance with storm damage restoration.

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