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Keys to Commercial Storm Preparation

Storms in recent years have inflicted an unprecedented amount of damage to the homes and businesses across the United States. Blizzards in the northeast and hurricanes down south have devastated economies and displaced people for months. The storms have even cost people their lives. In many cases there’s not much to be done in the face of a monster storm bearing down on anything in its path. However, a lot of people suffer more damage than necessary because they fail to take proper precautions. Businesses have a lot on the line when facing a storm. Not only do they lose business while things are shut down, but they also have equipment, inventory, and property to take care of. Proper commercial storm preparation can lessen the impact of storms on a company. Here are some key things businesses can do to prepare.

Create as Many Moats as Possible

“Creating a moat” when talking about commercial storm preparation may not mean an actual moat around a building. It can also refer to the precautions you can take the get your commercial building storm-ready. Doing things like turning off gas, water, and electricity to prevent hazards while you’re away is simple but effective. Boarding up windows to prevent shattered glass from flying around an office or work floor is a must do. Prepping the property by locking down loose items like equipment or supplies that could blow away will avoid unfortunate property loss. Inspecting the property for any potential water leaks or flood vulnerability is another smart precautionary move.

Find a Commercial Storm Preparation Expert

Partnering with a commercial storm restoration company before a storm can help you prepare. They have teams of technicians who can inspect a property and give solutions on what can be done to stormproof a building. Likewise, building a relationship with the restoration company will give you peace of mind knowing you have someone to call when something goes wrong. They’ll know your facilities and what resources will be required to get them back up and running. This means your business will likely be back on its feet faster than many other companies.

Charlotte and the surrounding areas are no stranger to the effects of storms. People and businesses have had to deal with the aftereffects for months after storms have passed. Taking steps now to stormproof your building will pay off in spades when dangerous weather arrives. AFTERDISASTER has been dealing with businesses in the area for years to get the buildings ready for the inevitable. Call us today to speak with someone on our team about how we can help with your commercial storm preparation.

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