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How Mold Can Be a Hazard to Your Home or Business

Mold removal is something home and business owners will likely have to deal with at some point. The problem affects all types of buildings, especially if they’re located in a particularly wet or humid climate. Most mold infestations are relatively harmless. You might notice some black speckling on a wall or in a bathroom corner. They’re often taken care of with some bleach and a wet towel before they spread into anything major. Unfortunately, mold also grows in areas we can’t see or reach. Mold infestation often occurs in ventilation systems, behind drywall, under floors, and in other dark, hidden areas. Taking care of those mold problems is more difficult because they require technical tools. Mold removal experts can help remedy the issue to avoid long-term hazards. Resolving mold infestations promptly is always the best course of action because they can damage your health and the structure you live or work in.

Mold Hazards

When mold grows in unseen places, you notice it because of secondary factors. People may experience a spike in allergies or other illnesses. Employers may start getting more people calling out sick from work. When new people come into a home or office, they will notice a musty or rotten smell. People who are there every day become accustomed to the odor over time, so it goes unnoticed. Mold can trigger asthma in people exposed to it as well.

Aside from the physical health impact of mold, it can also damage the structure it’s infesting. Over time, mold can weaken wooden beams, warp floors, and damage furniture in a commercial or residential building. When it’s left too long, mold removal can cost thousand of dollars. It will also be difficult to restore the home or office into original shape without extensive work.

Mold Removal Professionals Have Seen It All

The good thing about mold removal pros is that they’ve seen it all. Home and business owners can take comfort in knowing that a capable mold removal company can handle any size of job. They have experience and tools to reach areas where mold typically grows. They can spot the signs of growth with an expert eye from years of fighting mold.

The team at AFTERDISASTER Metrolina has been working in the greater Charlotte area for years helping clients with mold removal. We do regular inspections to give owners the peace of mind they need knowing that no mold is growing inside walls or under floors. Contact us today to speak to our team about our mold removal services.

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