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3 Steps to Effective Odor Removal

Foul odors inside a home or commercial building can be tough to deal with. In worst-case scenarios they can make a place unbearable. This can create quite a challenge for a place where people want to live and sleep. Likewise, strong foul odors can shut down places of businesses because people can’t stand to be inside. Odors can be so strong they may even present health hazards to people exposed to them. Odors come from a wide variety of sources. Rotting materials, dead animals, fire, water damage, poor sanitation, sewage problems can all give rise to horrible stenches that need to be dealt with. Effective odor removal is crucial to dealing with overwhelming smells. Here are three steps to effective odor removal to get things back to normal.

1. Find the Source of the Odor

It can be frustrating not knowing where the smell is coming from. Property owners might first notice a whiff of something and dismiss it. As it grows stronger, though, they know something must be done. Dealing with pet odors or small spills is a DIY project, but in instances where the source is hard to determine, a professional restoration service can help. They can search in hard-to-find areas like vents or HVAC systems to see if the cause is inside. Likewise, they can help with the project is too large. House fires cause smoke odors and water damage can cause mold and can be too much for a property owner to take care of by themselves.

2. Create the Right Removal Strategy

Getting rid of a rotting animal carcass stuck in an attic somewhere may be unpleasant, but it’s easy enough for a professional. Not all odor removal is that straightforward, though. A lot of times lingering odors caused by smoke or mold require multiple-step cleaning processes. They need specialized cleaning equipment and solutions to eradicate smells for good.

3. Thorough Work to Get Rid of Smells

A lot of the time, smells go deeper than the surface. Mold infestations can seep under floors and behind drywall. Expert odor removal crews are trained to spot where infestations likely go deeper than the naked eye can see. They have tools to inspect and remove the actual source of odors, so they don’t return after the initial cleaning.

For effective odor removal in the greater Charlotte area, AFTERDISASTER Metrolina can help. We’ve got a team of expert technicians who deal with odor removal on a regular basis for clients across the area. Our team can help if you’re dealing with the stress of a hidden odor. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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