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How Much of a Home Can Be Restored After a Fire?

A significant house fire causes terrible damage to a home. First, there is the horrifying experience of dealing with smoke and fire and seeing your possessions being burned. Next, fire trucks and ambulances arrive to spray the area with water. Because of the water, everything inside gets soaked. This includes floors, furniture, walls, and the ceiling. If the fire is large enough, nothing goes untouched.

Of course, the biggest priority in any house fire is the safety of people and animals inside. Anyone who has been through a house fire where everyone has gotten out safely should count themselves lucky. However, dealing with the aftermath of a fire that includes smoke, burn, and water damage can be devastating. A lot of homeowners wonder if they’ll ever be able to live inside the house they have grown to love. Here’s some information about how much help fire damage restoration can be after you’ve dealt with a fire.

The Size of the Fire Matters

The size of the fire will be the largest determining factor in how effective fire damage restoration will be. The house could be condemned if there is severe structural damage to the home. Insurance companies sometimes decide that building an entire new home will be safer and more cost-effective than restoring a damaged one. Homeowners need to consult with insurance inspectors and appraisers to determine the best course of action.

Fire Damage Restoration Requires Professional Help

In cases where a house fire is very small, homeowners can manage cleanup themselves. However, call a fire damage company anytime there is damage to valuable furniture, walls, floors or larger structures. The drying of wood in furniture and homes needs the skill and expertise of a technician to try and salvage as much as possible. It’s easy for wood to dry too quickly and crack or twist. Likewise, technicians can look for signs of after-fire mold growth that could lead to damage and health hazards. They can create detergent solutions with the right potency to clean effectively without damaging homes or possessions.

Fire Damage Restoration From AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina

AFTERDISASTER has been helping homeowners in the greater Charlotte area with fire damage restoration for years. Our team of passionate techs are dedicated to helping reduce the trauma caused to families from devastating fires. In addition, our processes make it easy to determine what can be saved. As a result, we can get to work quickly restoring homes. Contact us today to speak about how we can help get you back on your feet if you’re dealing with the aftermath of a house fire.

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