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Get Rid of That Lingering Odor for Good

Unpleasant odors can build up in homes and commercial buildings over time and require professional removal. Often, homes damaged by floods or smoke have lingering odors that just won’t go away. In these cases, it’s important to identify the source of the smell because whatever’s causing it could also present a health risk to those inside. The source of foul smells can also be due to pets soiling carpets over years or mold growth. Professional odor removal teams know how to locate and fix the source of smells. Here are three tips on effective odor cleaning.

Eradicating Smoke Odor

Getting rid of smoke odor can be difficult. The most important step is ventilating fresh air around the home or building. Set up the HVAC unit so that natural air flows in and out. In addition, smoke residue on walls and surfaces needs to be removed with professional-grade cleaning products. Degreasers are effective at getting thick layers of smoke off surfaces. A thorough cleaning of all walls, floors, and even ceilings is required to get rid of all traces of smoke residue.

Deep Cleaning the Ventilation System

Even if the interior of a house or building is cleaned extensively, odors can linger in unseen spaces. Owners often become exasperated searching for the source of odors only to find out they were hiding underneath floors and in ceiling ducts. Vents and ducts can carry odors and keep pushing them around and into the air long after cleaning is done. Having a professional ventilation cleaning service preform maintenance on vent systems can get rid of hidden odors.

Repainting and Removing Carpeting

In particularly stubborn odor removal situations, sometimes the solution is repainting the building. Odors can seep into the paint on the walls and be almost impossible to remove. For heavy-duty jobs, use odor-blocking primer. Apply prior to repainting to successfully mask odors. Also, carpet may need removal and replacement. If carpeting is removed, a professional service will scrub sub-floors extensively so that odors don’t return after new carpet is placed.

Odor Removal in North Carolina

AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina is the premier odor removal service in the greater Charlotte area. We have extensive experience with residential and commercial odor removal. Our staff of certified technicians can quickly inspect a home and find the source of odors. We use specialized tools and techniques to fully eliminate harmful odors and restore properties back to their original state. Contact us today to speak with someone about our odor removal services.

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