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Top Fire Hazards You Haven’t Considered

House fires are devastating experiences for homeowners. Fire damage to a home and the cherished possessions inside can leave you feeling displaced and vulnerable. It’s important to educate everyone in the house about basic fire prevention to avoid mistakes that can lead to disaster. Here are four fire hazards that you may not have considered before. Knowing they exist and how to take precautions against them is an important step in fire prevention.


It sounds strange, but dust that builds up over time essentially turns into tinder. Dust also often accumulates behind televisions, side tables with lamps on them, and other areas where there are electric plugs in sockets. A large enough build up of dust is at risk of igniting if something happens with an old extension cord or electric surge. Make sure to keep hidden areas as dust-free as possible to prevent dust buildups from catching fire.

Old Batteries

Improper use and storage of batteries may not seem like a big deal, but if batteries are loose, they risk contacting other metal objects and completing a circuit. The odds are slim, but if connections are sustained long enough, they can ignite any flammable material they touch. 9-volt batteries pose the greatest risk. Many people keep a supply of 9-volt batteries in the house to power smoke alarms. Just make sure they are kept in packaging that will prevent contact with other metal objects.

Oil-Soaked Rags

If you’re looking for a way to save some cash by changing your own oil, make sure you know how to properly dispose of oil and care for oil-soaked rags in the garage. Oil-soaked cloths that are piled in a heap can eventually ignite themselves. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure to hang the rags outside or in a place where air can circulate so that fumes can escape.

Piles of Newspaper

Newspapers can pile up quickly. They are thick and come every day. Most people don’t manage to read the paper each day, and soon that corner in the living room or the recycling bin is where the stack of old newspapers ends up. Old paper is very flammable, and the larger the stack of newspaper grows, the greater the risk that it will come near a heat source and may catch on fire. Make sure to properly dispose of newspapers on a regular basis to avoid the threat of paper fire.

Many things can cause a house fire. It’s important that occupants take regular inventory of their homes and eliminate fire risks. Fire risks are not always as straightforward as a gas stove left on or a dropped match. They can sometimes be caused by things we haven’t thought of before. Talk to AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina today to talk about creating a fire prevention plan. AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina has been providing customers with fire cleanup service for years, helping families get back on track after the impact of a fire.

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