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Job Highlight – Hardwood Floors

Years past, restorers were nearly always forced to remove/replace water damaged hardwood floors.

However, AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina now has the technology available which allows us to extract water from the hardwood floors and dry them out.

This technology requires several key steps. First, it does not work with sewage-contaminated water – only clean water. Second, the water needs to be thoroughly extracted as soon as possible within approximately 48 – 72 hours of the time the damage originated.

Finally, drying mats, dehumidifiers, and air movers must be installed shortly thereafter. Moisture is removed from the hardwood floors by constant negative pressure (suction) applied through these mats. Moisture is not removed through the finish, but through the open wood cells in the edges and in the joints in the floor. Felt paper (a vapor barrier), which is installed in newer homes, creates an impediment to this process but does not compromise its ability to dry the floors. Proper use of this technology tremendously helps insureds and insurance carriers, as it minimizes displacement of the insured, due to less demolition. Additionally, it allows salvage of the floors and other expensive structural components (cabinets, appliances, etc.) which in times past had to be torn out and replaced. The restorer measures moisture at varying depths in the hardwood with the use of a moisture meter, which ensures and provides documentation of proper drying. Please call the AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina location nearest you and your insureds to take advantage of this great technology

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